Help with new purchase of Ring Spotlight Cam

We made a purchase of the spotlight video cam and spotlight solar panel.

I understand I need batteries for the spotlight cam. What batteries do I buy?

Thank you!

The camera should come with one battery which may be enough. I got mine a couple weeks ago and it’s still on it’s first charge as the solar panel hasn’t been shipped yet.

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Thank you! I just spoke with Ring support and they are telling me they are not shipping the product with a battery now….looks like they changed their policy. The box does not say “battery not included”. As an exception, they are shipping one out.
We need our handyman to come back after the battery arrives as it is in a high location. Thank you!

Yes you will need a battery as the solar panel trickle charges the battery, so that the unit can be powered at night as well. I didn’t know batteries were no longer shipping in the box. Interesting. You can get them from Amazon. Great customer support and they own Ring.

Can you give a link to the camera you bought? Are you sure it’s a Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and not a wired version?

You can see here it says battery pack is included