Help with hard wired chime and Video Doorbell Pro

Sorry if this is long, but I have hit the point where I need help. We installed the doorbell and all was fine for about 5 hours. Then our doorbell started chiming with no one ringing the bell and no notification that someone was at the door. It would ring about every 2 minutes until I got tired of listening to the dogs bark every time it rang. I took the doorbell off the wall and taped the exposed wires so they wouldn’t touch. Checked everything the next day, and the wires for the pro power kit were a little loose on the chime unit. Tightened them up and reinstalled the doorbell. Also bought a plug in Ring chime to use in the office since we can’t hear the chime with the door closed. Again after just a few hours it started chiming again. Took the doorbell off again. The video doorbell was warm and the app told me that the unit was off-line. Since I didn’t get any notifications, I am thinking I need to replace the chime unit (it is about 30 years old). Looking at some of the ones listed on the compatibility chart and am considering BROAN-NuTone LA126WH, Heath Zenith SL-2796-02, Nutone BK105 and, Newhouse Hardware CHM3D. Only problem is that they match the 16volt requirement but they are showing for 10 or 15VA. Would it be a problem? Also hoping that my problems didn’t fry my brand new Ring doorbell but I won’t know until I can get this sorted out. I really need some guidance because my husband is getting impatient.

@dawnc4 Don’t bother with a new chime. Just remove the existing one and run the Ring doorbell directly from the transformer. I actually think its easier to not have a mechanical chime in the setup. Use the money you were going to buy a new mechanical chime with to buy a second plug in Ring chime.

Hi @dawnc4. It does sound like you may need to update your chime kit to one of the ones listed on the compatibility list, which you can reference here. The transformer you use should match the chime’s voltage, which is usually 16-24 VAC. You can also do what @bemak187 suggested if you’d prefer to have a Ring Chime rather than upgrade your existing mechanical chime kit. In both scenarios it’s important to make sure the Pro Power Kit is properly installed as well. I hope you find this information helpful! :slight_smile:

Would this article be what you are talking about? Still weighing options on the easiest and quickest way to do this.
Bypassing internal doorbell

The Pro Power Kit is what comes with the Video Doorbell Pro right?

@dawnc4 In the USA yes I think it comes with the Pro in the box.

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@dawnc4 Yes, the Pro Power Kit does come with the Doorbell Pro. If you don’t have one and you’ve checked the original packaging thoroughly to ensure it’s not in there, please contact our support team at one of the numbers available here to request a replacement.

If I’m wiring a Ring Pro (gen1) directly to transformer and have no mechanical or digital chime (I have a Ring Pro Chime) - do I wire from transformer to bypass terminals in Pro Power Kit and then to the doorbell? This is with a 24v 40VA transformer and about 60-80foot run of bell wire from transformer to doorbell.