Help With Direct to Transformer installation- Pro Power Kit V3 Yes or No?


I apologize for the new thread but I’m trying to install this right now

I’m installing a video doorbell pro 2. My existing transformer is not putting out enough power so I ordered the one that ring recommended. I’ve decided just to remove my existing indoor chime. On the ring website it shows a schematic which includes the power pro kit V3 and shows it is using a 16-24 VAC transformer, it also shows disconnecting the wiring on the pro kit and taking off the sticker to reveal connectors which are not on my V3 kit? I think this is for an earlier version???

My simple question is if I connect the new 16VAC 30 VA transformer straight to my pro two doorbell do I need to use the power pro kit at all?? Also what does that power kit do???

Thanks for any help in advance.


Hi @Robert308. The Ring Pro 2 can be hardwired directly to your transformer. I hope this information helps!

Tom thank you for your reply but that doesn’t answer my question, my question was do I need to install the power pro kit V3 in line between the transformer and the doorbell, or can I just attach it like the indoor chime instructions say directly on top of the to contacts n the transformer that go to the doorbell???

Hi @Robert308. The Ring Pro 2 can be hardwired directly to your transformer with no additional equipment. The wires can go from your Ring Pro 2 directly to your transformer. The wires do not need to go to your Pro Power Kit. I hope this clears things up for you. :grinning: