Help with choosing system and requirements

Tried calling help line. Very difficult to get clear answers unfortunately. Someone suggested community would be better option for assistance if this is ok.

Looking to purchase a Ring doorbell plus a possible second (outdoor security) camera at another location.
Doorbell will be hardwired. Security camera may be solar powered
Few questions if ok…

If I am wanting to hardwire doorbell, and without buying additional parts and ending up spending more for the same functions as the battery ones:
• do I look only at the ‘wired’ doorbell options?
• What other parts do I require for the hardwiring (ie. do I require a Plug-In Adapter, separately sold cables, etc)?
• The Chime is only for the doorbell to be heard inside house (if not using your phone)?
• For the outdoor camera, has anyone used the solar spotlights (and gutter mount)? Is the solar power reliable enough to power camera and spotlight?
• And for the plans, if I want to see and store from both cameras, I then need to pay three times the price of a basic (for one camera) at $15 per month?

Hi @user61729. I’d be happy to help. The Doorbell Wired is not compatible with any in home chime kit. I’d suggest using a Ring Pro 2 instead, as this works with your chime kit and requires no battery. It is powered by your doorbell transformer that also powers your chime kit.

The Ring Chime will play tones for any selected Ring device (motion or button push). The Solar Panal will help maintain the battery level in a Spotlight Cam as long as there is direct sunlight for 4 hours per day. You can also have multiple Basic Ring Protect Plans if you only have 2 devices.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.