Help with Chime pro to extend Wi-Fi

I recently moved to a new smaller house where I have been experiencing issues with Wi-Fi signal strength. Door bell consistent signal strength 69-70 and loosing connection. Strength on my chime close by was 42. I had an older chime so I bought a Chime pro to extend my Wi-Fi to the doorbell. Positioned Chime pro at the front door and set up with doorbell beside it. Chime pro signal 38, doorbell 35. I moved the doorbell outside not even 3 ft away and signal strength dropped to 70 then lost connection. Chime pro still showing 38.
Does anyone have any suggestions what to do to get this to work before my husband stops talking to me. Thought by spending £49 on the chime pro the issue would be resolved but no.
Ring door bell is useless.

Hi @user40863565. What is the surface the Doorbell is mounted to? Are there any other electronic devices in the area? Is the Doorbell connected to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network? Have you tried adjusting your Wifi Channels? This information can guide us in troubleshooting more effectively.