Help with a wired Ring with a Nutone system

Hi forum! I’m at a loss for what to do and was hoping someone here could help me. I live in a home with a Nutone 3003 intercom system and digital chime. I recently purchased a Wired Ring video doorbell and am trying to install it. Unfortunately, the instructions online all center around setting up with a mechanical chime and bypassing it with the jumper cable. I’ve struggled to recreate this and have gone through the following options with bad results:

  1. I just wired in my Ring without doing any bypassing. This was the only configuration where I was able to successfully get power to my Ring. However, I could not set it up because it would not spin white even when I pressed the side button. It just continuously flashes blue, and every 5 or so seconds, does a little click sound as the camera shifts to infrared and the blue circle gets a little brighter. A little hard to describe the pattern but it won’t budge from this.

  2. I opened up my Nutone to find the chime module. There is no ‘trans’ node like in the instructions, there’s only ‘common’ and ‘front’ which both have wires. I’ve tried: connecting common and front with the jumper, leaving only common wired, leaving only front wired. For all 3 of these no power gets to the Ring.

I’m not sure what else there is to do, and I can’t find any good instructions on how to set up a Ring with a Nutone/digital chime. Could someone help me or point me in the direction of some resources? I called in, and all they said was I need to find the chime module and do the bypass jumper thing, but unfortunately I can’t figure out how to do that and am not sure if this system is just more unique.

Thank you so much!!

Hi @hyperionloop. Most intercom systems use DC voltage, which is not going to be compatible with the Doorbell Wired. The Doorbell Wired is compatible with a 10–24 VAC, 40 VA maximum transformer. I would suggest installing a new transformer that matches the requirements of the Doorbell to go directly to it and would not require installing the jumper cable. You can also power up the Doorbell without using the jumper cable by using our Plug-in Adapter. If you are not comfortable doing the installation, I strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician for further assistance.