Help Video in Camera History

I keep getting the “Ring App Walkthrough Help Video” in my Camera History. If I delete the video and sign back into my account, the Video is there again.
Is there a way to make it NOT come back?
This seems to have started after the last app update (5.39.0) on iPhone

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I have the exact same issues on both my iPad and iPhone apps - really annoying - called support and they said they didn’t know wether it was an intended feature or an error where the videos keep coming back once deleted - but they couldn’t switch it off

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Same issue just started appearing today on iPhone app.

it is an unnecessary PITA

I’ve been getting these everyday , multiple times. I keep deleting and they come back

Hello Ring Support! Care to address this!? Still having this issue on iPhone.

Same issue, ridiculous!

Really!! What a stupid and asinine response from Support Staff. Perhaps they should escalate and get an answer!

I was able to get someone on Chat last week, that didn’t help. Basically had no clue (or interest, it seemed).

Another Amazon disappointment!

Hey neighbors! Thank you for sharing your experiences here. Our team is aware of this issue and rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve it as soon as possible. You may be unable to delete this Help Video at this time in your app because of this. If you see the same error of it not being removed after deleting it, we recommend disregarding the video appearing in your history while we work on a fix for this. I will be marking this post as a solution for now, so other neighbors that come into this thread know we are actively working on it. :slight_smile:

I too have been annoyed with the repeated appearance of Ring Help videos on my camera history although I’ve deleted them daily. And, I too chatted with a Ring technician, who was very patient and understanding, but was unable to resolve the problem. He said it may be an issue with the Ring Server(s) and management is aware it is a widespread problem. It is very annoying and hopefully will resolved soon.

Okay 20 days is not acceptable for RING to be investigating this problem. I’ve reported this 2 times through the Chat, including screen shots. I was also told to delete the APP off my phone and reinstall which I have done and THIS STILL CONTINUES TO HAPPEN!!! You need to resolve this ASAP, or I will be removing all my devices and canceling my Ring Service.

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I’m also sick and tired of these Help Videos returning. Just fix it!

Support? What support? This is going on 2 months. It’s getting so old it’s beginning to smell. Inexcusable!