Help! Too Many Motion Alerts!

I live on a street with very little car traffic. My house is also quite a distance from the road. Nothing nearby blowing in the wind. I have put setting to light and I have set motion range to as low as it will go. I have also turned off the left and right detection zones to just get what is immediately in front of the door. I am still getting many alerts all day and a few at night. I have the Ring Doorbell 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We installed this last month a Ring peephole camera, and during the trial part of the users account, it has just kept reporting motion alert after motion alert, just like your having. Also, of the reported alerts that were real, like UPS or FedEx dropping off packages, we would get the notice a few minutes after they had been there, and the saved video feed never would show the drivers get near our door or sit the packages down. The saved video showed the trucks, a few times the driver either getting out or getting back in, and sometimes driving away, but most of the time the truck would just be gone and be gone. We have not been happy with all the motion alerts when nothing is there, and we tried all the help given. And based off of not ever getting a video of anyone getting close to our door, like a UPS driver walking up and sitting a package down and walking away … which it never showed … we did not go with the purchase of the month billing plan … why pay for something that is not working and NOT showing you what they would be charging you for!!! Have written emails to Ring about the issue, but no answers back. The free account trial days of the plan have just expired. We were going to start with the door bell and then start adding more cameras, but based off of our experence thus far, we are not going to be adding any further cameras as we had planned. Way too many motion alerts with nothing there, and all saved videos were missing most all of the action of who came to our door.

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Hey @OhSnap! Can you please attach a screenshot of the view that your front door Doorbell shows? Having this visual may help others and myself figure a new configuration that helps limit motion alerts for you. Thank you!