HELP! The Camera thinks that a single strand of spider web reflecting light is a person

I keep spraying and clearing spider webs and the spiders keep coming back. As soon as they build a single strand of web and the light reflects of it I get an alert that a person is there.

What do I do so I don’t keep getting alerts in the middle of the night. I can’t get a good night’s sleep!

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Hi @Ross_Kaufman. Smart Alerts are an optional feature that can help refine the motion alerts you receive. This feature works well for some neighbors and the environment they’re in, while other neighbors find that they prefer to have this feature turned off. I’d suggest turning it off to see if that makes any difference in the number of alerts you receive from spiders and spider webs close to your Camera.

Ultimately, the best solution would be to keep bugs and spider webs away from the Camera’s lens, as anything close to the Camera has the potential to trigger a motion alert. If previous DIY attempts to keep the spiders away have not worked, you might need to consult a qualified exterminator for advice or assistance with keeping the spiders away. In the meantime, you can utilize Motion Snooze or disable the motion alerts at night as a temporary solution while determining the best way to prevent spiders from building webs very close to your Camera.

I bought a telescoping duster from Amazon and spray Raid on it and wipe/dust all around the camera lens and the mount to remove the web as well as apply the sprayed duster to the unit to deter the spiders from making more webs.

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Hi @user65376. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip!