Help, Ring Doorbell and automatic Live View in Windows

I have a Ring Doorbell linked to a mini PC in the hallway. I’d like to have the Ring App in Windows automatically switch to Live View whenever the Doorbell is pressed. I cant seem to find anything on this. If you can assist with, please do!

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This would be very useful feature. I have android tablet in hall way waiting for this feature.

We have the app on two android phones. Orininally it was only on mine but I’ve set up a second phone. with permission. There is no audible notifcation on the second phone. How do I fix that?

Hi @jergmar! The first best step will be to ensure all event alert toggles are on for your Ring devices in the Ring app. As long as the devices are set in your app to send notifications, you should receive these alerts. If you are still not receiving alerts, check your mobile device volume and notification settings, as well as the permissions accepted for the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This does seem ridiculas. Ring team, please provide an update. When will the Windows 10 client be able to auto-open live view for motion and door bell presses? When will the Ring team provide the ability to live view multiple cameras on a single screen. When will the Ring team provide the ability to turn off the 10 minute live view timeout. Lack of these features makes moving to a different vendor solution something that may be worth looking into.