Help Please With Shared Access - Seeing Live View on iPhone!

Hello Folks,
New here so if this is in the wrong forum could an admin move please :slight_smile:

Short history to my problem…
I have been given access to two different ring video doorbells ( daughters), at differing locations.

Both daughters have sent me shared access and I accepted both.

I set up the first doorbell for live view on an ipad - but - I should have set it up on my iPhone ( I don’t carry the iPad but do the iPhone!).

Unfortunately… I can’t seem to see either live view doorbell on my Ring dashboard ?

The questions are…

  1. Can I have shared access to more than one owners doorbell?
  2. How do I set up seeing the live view of shared doorbells?

(On my own iPhone - I have two ring devices installed - 1 x front doorbell and 1 x back door spotlight camera).

Hope this request is plainly put - if not, I’ll add content quickly to assist whoever can assist me.

Thank you in advance,


Okey Dokey!

Just worked it out myself :wink:

At the top of the screen is a dropdown menu which allows me to choose the location.

Once I did this, the relevant doorbell camera showed immediately!

I am leaving this post up because someone else may need to see it.

Thank You,

Sam. :wave:

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Hi @Skellz1960. Glad to hear you were able to quickly figure this out! Here is some information about Shared Users and some information about Locations in the Ring app. I hope this helps!