help newbie here

trying to install my ring pro doorbell. I have a 24 v transformer that I installed replacing the 16v both were new to begin with. Problem is I’m not maintaining power on my device and turns off. Its wired fyi not wireless.

We’re here to help, @Joe22! A 24 VAC power supply should certainly do the trick.Double checking for a secure wire connection on the back of the Pro is always a good step. I recommend also ensuring the wiring is standard copper gauge, and not spliced or too thin.

Is there a chime kit in circuit? Check out our chime compatibility list. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Well I finally got it to work by taking the diode off and reconnecting the bell wires. I’m wondering if it was the diode even though on the instructions it says to install it if the chime is electronic. Either way its functional properly since then. Loving it

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