Help me understand please...WIRED

Can someone elaborate on why we hardwire Ring Doorbell if it runs on the battery anyways? I know I know it is to keep the battery charged. Why not just power the doorbell from the power of the house and only charge the battery if it is depleted due to a power failure?

Kind of silly to run on battery and use the power to charge the battery, UNLESS it is TOO COLD or TOO HOT then the battery cannot be charged which ends up leading to a non-functioning doorbell WHEN IT IS HARDWIRED.

My alarm system runs off the same transformer, guess how it works? It has batteries ONLY incase there is a power failure, guess how it powers itself until that point? That’s right, using the low voltage transformer hardwired to the unit. Would it not make sense to run Ring Doorbell the same when hardwired? *So confused*.

Is there some magical reason why ring doorbell cannot power itself being hardwired independant of the battery?

Hi there, @Xolite! Our Video Doorbell Pro is able to connect to hardwire as it’s sole source of power, but does not have a battery. For our battery powered Doorbell models, the battery is the primary source of power, and the hardwire applies a trickle charge. There are factors which can drain your Doorbell battery quicker than a charge can be effective. Check out our Community post about battery drain for tips on optimizing battery life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

heh… I do not think my question was that I did not understand. If the unit is hardwired, trickle, no trickle charge, it should able to run on auxillery power if the battery is NOT functioning.

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  • Hmmm this one is using a battery, even if it is hardwired, we should not risk using power from the house when the battery is depleted.


Lets make one with no battery.

Guess who is taking apart my doorbell and bypassing the charge circut. Me. Kind of hard to control that with software, take that Harvard.