Help me to get Alexa to announce locations

I own two homes. I have ring doorbells in both homes (not same versions, one is wired, one is wireless). I have them named Front Door Location A and Front Door Location B. When Someone presses the doorbell in Location A, Alexa announces it as Someone is at Front Door Location A. However, on the wired one, when someone presses a doorbell, Alexa just says “Someone is at Front Door”. Is there anyway I can make Alexa say the location of the second ring doorbell? I went through the settings, and everything on A is setup the same as B. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @DanJS. Have you tried changing the name on your second Doorbell, and is each Doorbell listed under a separate location within the Ring App? You can also try unlinking Doorbell B from Alexa and then relinking it to refresh that connection. We have more information in our Help Center Article here, which may be helpful with this concern.