HELP - Internet Access Is Gone - How Do I Disarm?

So I have an alarm I started setting up in a summer home. I did not get around to setting up the keypad. I was using the internet to arm and disarm the alarm. My internet quit working and I need to have someone go into the home. They have access to the system on the Ring App. When they get there and connect to the wifi will they be able to disarm the system. If not, what do I do?

You will need the internet to disarm the system if you can’t use a keypad.
Many places offer free WiFi.
You can just go to any place that offers wifi to disarm through the app. Or use a phones data connection. If for some reason you can’t do this. You can ask a friend to let you use their phone, tablet to download the Ring app.
Log in, disarm it. Then uninstall the app.
No one at Ring can disarm your alarm for safety reasons of course.

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Thanks, but the issue is that the Ring does not have internet access. - Update: sorry I was not more clear before. The summer house’s internet access is down and there is no cell service in the area.

Ok. Then you can setup your phone as a wifi hotspot. Just set it up with the same SSID and password as when it was setup. Then the alarm should connect to your phone’s hotspot.

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If you have no cell signal at all. There really is no way to connect to the alarm. But it also can’t transmit an alarm signal as well then since it needs wifi or cell signal to send the alert. You’d then need to place the base unit somewhere until the battery in it depletes. And you can’t hear it. Hope this helps.

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I just pondered this same issue as I was testing out my alarm. Your only solution is to give whoever is going there a pelican case - something airtight and surrounded by foam - and put the alarm in the case for 10 minutes. The case works pretty effectively but you have to get a large one to accomodate the base unit.

If you had bought the monthly subscription service for $10/mo you’d get cellular backup and could disarm it that way. If you have a remote house like that I’d suggest getting that.