Help - hardwired doorbell not charging

I’ve wired up my Ring Video doorbell to my existing 19VAC doorbell supply. I’ve removed the existing doorbell.

I’ve inserted a 25Ohm 50W resistor as specified in the instructions, in series with the doorbell. The resistor is HOT to the touch, and there is about 8VAC being dropped across it, and about 650mA current flowing to the Ring.

The button on the doorbell is glowing WHITE continuously, which I think indicates that the unit is receiving power. (Right ?)

The ring doorbell itself is also ‘warm’ at the top of the housing around the camera area.

The doorbell does work normally.

However, on the application on my phone, it reports that the doorbell is powered by ‘battery’ and the battery is indeed discharging, albeit slower than usual I think.

I’ve tried removing and re-installing the battery = no change.

Any ideas what could be wrong or further troubleshooting ? Could my doorbell be defective ? We’ve owned it for about 2 years and always used it on battery.


Hey @MikeC1. The glowing white light normally means that the device is receiving power and is in an idle state, or receiving power and completing a firmware update, so it seems it’s just in the idle state based off of your situation. How much is the Doorbell’s battery depleting power after usages? Wiring the Doorbell helps gives it a trickle charge, but the battery will have to deplete a little before it then charges it back up slowly, as much as it can, between activations. During the time of the battery being recharged, it should show as hardwired and receiving power.

Although, if you see the battery just constantly going down and not up, it may be best to check in with out support team to have them look more into it and see if they can see it charging or a history of charging on their end, as well. If you need it, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. Let me know how this goes!

Hi, thought I’d give you all an update.

I called Ring support and they confirmed that the doorbell does recognise that it is hardwired, but the central application wasn’t recording that status. That’s not my phone application, but the ‘cloud’ application. After a few days, this was resolved an my doorbell now shows ‘Hardwired’ status on the phone app.

Sadly however, I’m still only getting about 4 days use out of the unit before the battery dies, even though it’s hardwired 24x7. I have about 10-14 activations a day, and take a snapshot every 15 mins which I don’t think is excessive (is it?). That’s just the family coming and going, a couple of deliveries etc. It only triggers if someone comes onto our driveway, not when people walk past the house.

Have spoken to some work colleagues who confirm that they regularly get about 3 weeks use. The only real difference seemed to be they have stronger WiFi (RSSI -40, vs mine which is -60).

I’m now faced with a problem:-
a) Is my doorbell defective ?
b) Is my battery defective ?
c) Is this just the way it is for my use case ?

I’m reluctant to buy a new unit on the gamble that my one is defective but at the same time I can’t have a system which won’t even last a week without having the battery removed and recharged. I’m quite happy with the concept that this is a trickle charge and I do need to charge the battery periodically, but not every few days.

Will let you know what I do.