Help getting first Ring camera set up

Just wondering if anyone can help me get a Ring camera (battery) set up.

The problem I’m having is that the camera isn’t registering any movement alerts. You can stand in front of it all day, waving your arms, and nothing.

I was on chat with tech support for more than an hour, but no luck. They had me do a number of things, such as re-install the app, reset the mode settings, change indoor/outdoor settings. None of that helped, and it actually made things worse. I can no longer do a Live view of the camera. I tested the internet connection for the camera, and it says it’s fine.

I’m about ready to send the camera back. Any suggestions before I do that?

Hey @DragonDave. What is the RSSI for your camera? Could you potentially go into the Device Health page of the device and let us know how that reads! Also, a screenshot of how your camera’s Live View looks like (through an event history is fine), just so we can see the angle it is showing to as well. :slight_smile:

RSSI is -43

Attached is a snapshot of a Live view.


@DragonDave Do you have the camera inside, looking out a window? If this is the case, this is why the motion detection is not working! For motion detection, it does detection based off of PIR heat signatures. If you have it looking at a window first, even with a clear window with no screen, it will be unable to tell the changes in heat signature because this is obscuring the view. I recommend to try to put the camera outside and see if this helps change it!