Help choosing Stick up cam

I’m ditching Arlo and switching to Ring but I need help deciding on a camera.

I’d prefer to have a wired camera (no need to deal with batteries!) but, i’m concerned that a cut cord (I can’t drill through the house exterior) means the camera is offline.

So…that means i’m leaning towards the Stick Up Cam Wired + an extra battery or a Stick Up Cam Battery + power adapter.

Is there an advantage to either one over the other? I think the Stick Up Cam Battery uses a micro usb connector - so that would be an easier choice if I wanted to go with solar or a 3rd party adapter down the road, right?

Also, is it true that even if you’re wired, there’s a greater lag to see the live view? (

One reason i’m returning the Arlos is that took a loooooong time to connect to the live view. Long enough that a burglar could pour me a drink whilst I waited for the camera feed to start streaming…

Hey @medic459. Happy to help you decide on what is best for you! When it comes to the Stick Up Cam Plug-In versus the Battery version, there isn’t much of a difference other than the power options for them. They will have the same motion settings and customization as the other, so really the major difference to callout is the power. For nonstop power, you can do the Plug-In version, and you will need to ensure you can get the cord to a power outlet for that. If you’re unable to, or maybe don’t even like the look of the cord, I recommend the battery version (the one I have currently as well). With the Stick Up Cam Battery, you can always add the power adapter later if you’d like, but I recommend just having a spare battery always charged. What I will do is just swap it out when it’s low, and it takes no time at all for me!

When it comes to loading the Live View, you may have to try before you fully buy, but we can test sometimes to see if we can predict how it will work for you! Can you go to, and let me know what your upload, download and ping are? If possible, please turn off mobile data on your phone when doing this, test the speed from said phone, preferably near the install location that you plan for the device. Once this is done, let me know what speeds you have! In addition, the “try before you fully buy” is something I mentioned, as you may not know how well the Live View capability is before you buy it and install it in your home. The nice thing about getting it directly from Ring is that you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you wish to return it, and depending on how you buy it maybe from Amazon, they should have that as well.

Lastly, when it comes to the solar panel, the connection for the solar panel is the same as the connection for the wired Plug-In version, or when using the power adapter, as it is a barrel plugin that is put into the back of the device. You can see what this looks like here. This would be great to add if you have the battery version and a spare battery, as you cannot use the plugin for nonstop power + the solar panel, as they require the same barrel plug in insert area to be utilized.

If i’m reading it right, there are really 4 variants of the stick up cam:

  1. stick up cam [battery]
  2. stick up cam plug-in
  3. stick up cam solar
  4. Stick up cam wired aka Stick up cam elite

#4 is PoE/Direct AC only and those are the only options - no battery/solar.

As for 1-3, they are essentially the same camera but they come with different starting accessories:

  1. battery
  2. ac adapter
  3. battery + solar panel

Is that it a nutshell? With regards to the power plug on the back of the camera: is it the same barrel plug for all 3 versions?

Hey @medic459. You’re exactly right! The 4th option is our 2nd Generation that has the PoE conversion for neighbors that want the wired/powered devices motion settings, and the other three are essentially different power options that you can pick from! In regards to the power plug on the back, it’s the same barrel plug input for all 3 devices, so you can always switch up how the power source is if you change your mind over time. :slight_smile: