Help calling the police in case of emergency

I live in Spain and as far as I understand, the protect plans won’t include Ring calling the police in case of emergency.
So if I am travelling abroad and see a burglary on my cameras, or if a burglary happens during a flight etc when I have no internet access, how will the protect-plan actually help me?
Seems like I am left on my own when choose to go for a Ring-system in Europe?
And It’s very difficult to reach the police from abroad unless its during office-hours. How do Ring protect me then? Maybe I should have gone with a local security company instead?

Hi @user68716. The only device that can contact emergency responders is the Ring Alarm System for the US. The Ring devices send alerts to your phone, where you can Live View what is happening and, if needed, contact the police. I hope this clears up any confusion.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t. How is this system suppose to replace a conventional system if it can’t handle an emergency? What good will this do if I’m out of celluar range, for example on a flight somewhere? It doesn’t really protect me 24/7 unless you add this feature. Or maybe add a function to temporary share your system with a trusted person (but not adding the person to the system permanently). Try to think out of the box, otherwise, this system won’t protect you as good as you want us to believe.

Hi @user68716. Apologies for any confusion here. Since you are located in Spain, you will have access to Assisted Monitoring, which will call your emergency contacts, but not emergency services directly. You can have up to three emergency contacts, so I’d suggest adding two trusted friends or family members who can help respond in the case of an emergency. Emergency contacts do not have access to your system the way a Shared User would. Local laws and regulations vary between countries and regions, so Professional Monitoring is not available outside of the United States and Canada at this time.

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