Help build a system

I have a tri-level home about 1500 square feet.

My plan is:

4 entry door sensors all on the ground level.

3 motion sensors, (basement, ground level, and 2nd level).

1 flood/freeze sensor in the basement.

3 First Alert Z-wave smoke/CO detectors, (basement, 2nd level, and 3rd level).

1 Keypad

1 Base Station

1 Range Extender

I would locate the base station on the 2nd level aproximately in the center of the structure. This would be the closest point to one entry sensor, one motion sensor, two smoke detectors. All of these devices would be within 10-20 feet of the base station

The range extender would be on the ground level, closest point to the other devices; (3 entry door sensors, 2 motions sensors, 2 smoke/CO detectors, 1 Flood/Freeze detector, all within 10-20 feet of the range extender. My concern is 2 of these devices will be located in the basement so the signal path is between floors, with metal heat ducts.

When I look at the devices on the product pages it says 250 foot range - line of sight.

Maybe this is a dumb question but what is meant by ‘Line of sight’?

Does that mean each device has to have an unobstructed ‘line of sight’ path to the base station or a range extender? No walls or floors obstructing line of sight?

Thanks for any advice.

Range extenders can be a tricky thing! For example, I live in a 1947 home mostly comprised of wetplaster and brick so, getting a signal to my devices was a trial-and-error thing! I currently have (1) range extender and a Chime Pro for my cameras and this is working for me. The situation will vary per home construction. My garage is attached and that is where my range extender lives but as I said this will vary per home. Only took me me a few days of playing around moving the extender to get everything to work. I was one of those of those “not so cut and dried setups” but that is not Ring’s fault it’s my home construction! If you are patient enough you will prevail as I did. It’s not like I spent hours doing this! I repositioned the extender and waited and then check the results several hours later or the next day. It’s not that hard if you are patient and do not get annoyed…

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Hi @JamVal. Yes, line of sight refers to an open-air path from point a to point b. The more obstructions, the more this distance is reduced. As @Zatt001, it is possible to get your devices to connect with the Range Extender. This is a bit of trial and error with placement and testing functionality. With what you described, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble. I’ve seen much success in homes similar to what you’ve described. Best of luck!