Heating vent frequently triggering lights

Ring user from the UK. I have a couple of Spotlight Cams (Wired) whose lights are being frequently triggered at night by hot air from two central heating vents. Apart from the garden being lit up unecessarily, I am also concerned about reducing the lifespan of the LEDs with the frequent on/off of the lights. It’s only the lights that are coming on and there is no camera activation.

I was wondering if anyone else has suffered from the same issue and what their solution was?

There may be no point in me changing the “motion zones for lights” settings as the steam/hot air flows very close to both cameras. I beleive there is no point in me altering the “motion settings” as this will just affect the camera detection and not the lights.

One thought - does camera motion detection also turn on the lights or do the lights require the PIR to do the detection for the lights? One option might be to turn off all the motion zones for the lights and set the distance of detection to the minimum and rely on the camera dectection to tirgger the lights. Assuming of course that the camera would also trigger lights as well as recording the images.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Unfortunately you are experiencing a common problem based on the position/outlook of the cams. You can only try trial and error to see if any settings will work, or you will need to be prepared to accept a suboptimal motion trigger setup or maybe even move the cams.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Moving the cameras is unfortunately not an option due to the location of the power sockets. I have tried reducing the sensitivity of the light motion detection and that appears to have helped. It’s a shame that the camera motion detection doesn’t also trigger the lights as that would solve my problem. Camera detection and light detection appears to be entirely independent.

Before purchasing the cameras I did engage with Ring in a chat session and was told that heating events won’t affect the performance of the device. I was sceptical due to the way that PIR detection works. I would still rather have the cameras than not, and will continue to tweak the light motion detection to see if I can obtain a happy medium.


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