HDR for wired cameras? Other feature questions...

Just wondering if there’s any update on HDR for wired cameras like the Pro and Floodlight? Was supposed to come shortly after the battery devices, which have had it for a few months now. It would be quite useful, especially when set back under a covered porch, where there can be large contrast differences. It kinda sets the Pro behind Ňest Hello (apparently the actual brand name is a “bad word” — the pre-moderation is excessive here—hence the accented N).

Hopefully this is coming soon, maybe with the 24/7 recording (and schedules to completely disable recording—hopefully, please!?!?).

Also, any word on the unannounced person detection that the Alexa team let out of the bag? In case you weren’t aware, there’s a “Person detection” option in the Alexa skill now for the Pro and some others, but it doesn’t yet do anything. Care to shed some light on this upcoming feature?

Thanks everyone. @Marley_Ring & @Jennifer_Ring maybe you can help? Thanks for your help with this community. Also, any idea when we can share the link to this community publicly? Thanks again.