HDR doesn't turn off with night-vision

On ring doorbell pro 2, HDR doesn’t turn off when night vision is on at night, I have to turn it off manually at night, and on at morning everyday.
Is that normal?
Website says HDR disabled at night automatically.

Hi @user26699. You do not have to disable the HDR toggle in the Ring app at night. The option should always stay on if you are trying to use this feature. That enables your Doorbell to know to use HDR during the day and not to use it at night. Seeing the switch on during the night does not mean it is using it. I hope this helps.

It’s using it, you can tell the difference, it’s so dark that I can’t see over 2~3ft no matter how much lights I try to add, and it’s useless. When I turn it off manually, quality is much better.
Does that mean I have something wrong with my device?

Hi @user26699. As mentioned in this Help Center article here, HDR will turn off automatically. If you’ve noticed this is not happening, try rebooting your device in the Ring app, from the Device Health menu. If you are still having this concern, please share a video of this this happening with the HDR on and off, so I can present this information to my team. Additionally, you can contact our support team to look into this. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

It seems that the ring doorbell pro 2 won’t control HDR by itself, according to the ring support after calling and uploading video results, it’s either ON or OFF in the video sitting, and it won’t turn off automatically, even purchased a 2nd doorbell pro 2 and it’s the same.
Thank you, I hope they would change that misinformation on the website. or maybe an update can fix this since it’s just a software issue.