HD+ 1536p security cameras?

I just got the Ring doorbell Pro 2 which has the 1536p camera on it and it is great! I was looking to upgrade my old Amazon cloud cams with some ring indoor cams to get all my cams in a single app, but it looks like it wouldn’t really be an upgrade from a technical perspective as both are 1080p.

Is it worth getting the indoor cams now, or should I wait it out until Ring (Hopefully…) releases a higher res security camera set? Is there any indication from Ring that an upgraded camera set will be available any time soon?

I would like to hear some other opinions on the subject. It seems silly to me that Ring has an HD+ cam for a doorbell but none of their security cams.

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@Razorcat The main reason the Pro 2 Doorbell is higher res is due to it being mounted lower than a camera but still allow it to show a head to toe image and show packages on the ground at your door. They also have a 1:1 aspect ratio. This isn’t such an issue for a security cam. Higher res will come but the just launched floodlight cam pro is still 1080p, and due to the way ring works everything has to go up to the cloud so it would require more bandwidth for higher res.

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