HB-7612-02 Not ringing inside home with Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Hello, I have recently tried upgrading my indoor chime from a mechanical chime that was supposed to be compatible to a digital chime ( HB-7612-02). I have installed the chime per the instructions with my existing Power Pro Kit V2, and the chime will not make any sound to indicate the doorbell has been rang. I have 17V at the chime even without the Power Pro Kit, but the chime rings constantly if it is not installed. Please help resolve why I cannot get my Ring to sound my indoor chime?

Hi @bstyves. Have you changed your settings in the Ring app? You can select your Ring Pro 2 > Device Settings > General Settings > Chime Kit selection. Let me know if this helps!

I do not see “Chime Kit Selection” in my menu. Perhaps my doorbell is the original Pro rather than the Pro 2? What is the easiest way to tell?
I do have the chime type set to digital rather than mechanical.

Hi @bstyves. Are you the account owner or a Shared User? What options are you seeing?

I am the account owner. The options I see in the General Settings are:
Device Name
Volume Settings
Report Device Stolen
Remove Device

Under my Device Settings menu there is an “IN HOME CHIME SETTINGS” option where I am able to select “Digital” or “Mechanical” which I have set to “Digitial” for the new chime.

Hi @bstyves. My mistake, this setting is actually located above the General Settings menu, just as it is in the pictures below.

Can you confirm the device model you have? This is listed in the Device Health Menu. The options you’ve listed are the same ones you would see with a Doorbell Wired, which is not compatible with any in home chime kit.

Yes, that is exactly what my menus look like and I have set the Chime Type to “Digital” because the HB-7612-02 is a digital chime.
The Product Name under device health is “Video Doorbell Pro”

When searching for compatible chimes it lists the chime as compatible here"

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Hi @bstyves. I would suggest following up with our support team so they can look into this a little bit closer. Please send us a private message on Facebook @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Let me know what they find!