Hazy camera

Can anyone tell me why my camera gets hazy or cloudy in night vision mode but is totally fine with a light on or during the day? See photos. Thanks for the help!!

Hi @Tommy1226 ! Can you please clarify what the second picture in your post is? Can you please post a photo of how the camera looks during the day? Furthermore, is your camera installed somewhere near a furnace or behind glass? Thanks!

Nothing blocking the camera. Day photo attached

This happens with my Stick Up Cam also, but only when the IR lights are turned on. My hunch is that the IR lights are somehow reflecting off the white vinyl soffit right above the camera, and causing some sort of reflection back into the lens. If I turn the IR off, the picture clears up immensely.

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Cute! Love the lights… I want to install those :slight_smile:

Hmm I’m wondering it is somehow hitting off that beam…as @Padawan pointed out. Let me follow up with a team member to see if maybe that is going on. For now, try turning the IR off and seeing if that makes a difference please!

It’s not reflecting as it pitch black back there unless the light is on. I have loved that camera to a different location and the same exact haze is on it. Almost like it’s burned into it. I have a new camera back there and it is starting to haze over but doesn’t have the “ring” in the middle of the haze like the photo of the first camera. There is no direct sun light hitting it either so I know the lense isn’t getting “burned” out.

Yes as shown in the photo of I turn lights on and the IR is t being used it’s 100% fine.