Having trouble with my security system

So I was told the motion detector detects up to 30 ft so I wouldn’t need contact sensors because the motion detector alerts but when I open the door during home mod, the alarm doesn’t go off. Do I need to get more contact sensors?

Hi there, @Katie_86! The placement and configuration of a sensor can impact it’s reaction in different armed modes. For instance, a motion sensor may not trigger the Alarm in home mode if set this way, but an exterior exit/ entry door Contact Sensor will. Main and secondary entry locations can also be specified in the device settings for each Alarm device in your Ring app.

For the most efficient ‘Ring of security’ we recommend combing the use of all types of Ring Alarm devices, as each one has a purpose and provides multiple solutions. Here is our help center guide for setting up the Alarm, for more tips on optimal configuration. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

To be specific . . . by default the motion sensor is set not to trigger when the alarm is set to Home mode. It is set to trigger when in Away mode only. But you can change this in the app if you want the motion sensor to trigger in Home mode. But if you do set your motion sensor to trigger in Home mode, it will trigger an alarm when you are walking around the house also.

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