Having issues with Stick Up Cam Battery Status

My camera took a 7-foot fall and now will not read the battery status properly and thus shuts itself off. The battery is full, the cam just reads the battery as dead. Have tried two different fully charged batteries with the same results. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the camera and the Ring App to no avail. It will connect to WiFi, provide a momentary snapshot until the camera reads the battery status and then shuts off. Is this unit straight up broken or is there a remedy?

Hi @HankOlive. If you can, please give our support team a call here. They can isolate if the battery hatch is not reading correctly, which if it is not, you will most likely need to get a replacement device. All in all, our support team will either help you get it back up and running or look into the best next steps for you.

Hey Chelsea,

I gave them a call shortly after my original posting here and was told that the error code was a common issue and to wait on an update to the app that addresses it. I was told I would receive an email outlining the next steps after my complaint was escalated. However, I haven’t received an email yet. I’d rather just get it replaced instead of waiting for some app update which will be released at an undetermined time.

@HankOlive Thanks for getting back to me! Now that I know what the concern is that you’re running into from the sound of your call, I understand where you’re coming from even more so. The concern that you’re running into is an in-app bug that we have with our Stick Up Cam Plugin, and even if you were to get a replacement device, since it is in the app, you will have to still deal with this status error. We do have our team diligently working on this matter, and know that once it is resolved, you will get an email confirmation of it being resolved. I apologize if the representative you were speaking to made it seem like you would get another email about the matter and what additional steps to take, but this email they were talking about is an email letting you know the matter is resolved.

Now, knowing your case and that the device fell and it seems maybe that it may still be a device concern, do you have the Stick Up Cam Plugin, or just the battery version? The reason why I ask is because if you have the Plug-in version, this will mean that power is constantly going to the device and should keep it online. If you have the battery version and the battery hatch will not close firmly or stay closed to read the battery, thus making the device show as offline, then you do not have the trending concern that the representative may have thought you had. In the case of the latter, please reach back out to our support team and let them know again that they should take a re-look at your device, as if it is offline, that is the major concern. The trending concern that we have our team looking into, and what it sounds like they tagged your account for, should not be affecting the functionality of the device and making it show as offline.

Ah, I thought I was going to get an email. It is just the battery version. I have another Stick-up Cam connected to a solar panel that works great. I’ll wait for the bug update and see what happens. Thanks!

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