Have cameras on only when alarm is armed?

I have a Ring Stickup Cam monitoring my family room. I don’t necessarily want it recording while I’m sitting around watching TV. Is there a way to have it come on only when I set the Ring Alarm? Ideally I’d be able to turn it on on demand as well. I just don’t want it rolling all the time.

Hey @Raymondo17. The feature that you’re looking for is something that we are slowly rolling out to our users. You may not have it yet, and if you do not, no worries, it will come soon! This feature is called Modes, which you can learn more about in our Ring Help Center Article here.

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Thank you, Chelsea.

I just this minute updated my Ring iOS app, but I do not see “Mode Settings” under the “three-line menu item.” Is that the best way to know when Modes have been rolled out to me?


@Raymondo17 You will see this setting under your “Settings” in the main menu. So after you open that main menu, select settings, and if you have Modes there (not related to Ring Alarm Modes), you’re all set! If not, no worries, you’ll have it shortly when the slow rollout is complete. I’m waiting anxiously for it as well! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I have Settings > Modes > Mode Settings, but only my alarm sensors are listed, not any cameras. So I guess it hasn’t rolled out to me just yet.

Thanks Chelsea.