Hardwiring Ring Pro Doorbell

Hi there. I installed my ring pro yesterday, and it worked for a few hours, then went offline. I cant get it to restart or go into setup mode, although there is power to it as the circle is illuminated.
I spoke with support who are shipping a new one but also a pro power kit.
My installation is a little different to usual as I could not find an AC transformer unit to run off the consumer unit at the right spec for love nor money in the uk. So I have installed a DC transformer unit that has the same spec as the adapter that comes in the box that you plug into the mains (ie steps down to 24V / 500mA DC).
Given I am already stepping down to DC I dont believe I need to installed the pro power pack, although I could not get the ring support guy to understand this.
Please can someone help? Also if someone could let me know if there are any issues with me using a DC transformer rather than the typical AC + power kit (essentially I think I am just creating a hardwired version of the plug in adapter that comes in the box?).
Thanks all