Hardwiring Keypad w/existing two-wire setup

I want to utilize the existing black/red power wire from my old alarm system. I plan to purchase from Amazon, j4home DC-DC Converter Step Down Module 12V to 5V Micro USB Power Adapter

I would also like to use my existing power adaptor if it’s appropriate.

Will this adaptor be adequate?

If not what power adaptor should I purchase, on Amazon preferably?

Thank you in advance, Dan

Hi there, @DanSineRealtor! The Keypad power adapter is rated for 5v 1A. An equivalent power supply can certainly be used. Keep in mind, the Keypad is the only exception to using an alternative power supply, as we advise all other Alarm components are only powered with the included adapters. If you are looking to use an existing alarm system, feel free to check out our Community post about the Alarm Retrofit Kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: