Hardwiring is pointless apparently? Ring, EXPLAIN please!

First off, here’s a post already related to what I’m about to discuss, but also wanting fresh input/intel from the community please!

Ok, so I got a new 2020 edition of the Ring Video doorbell during the black Friday deals. Have had it hardwired in since and didn’t really have too many issues. Now, about 2 weeks ago, I’ve started having a number of issues (“blacked” out blocks of video that are unable to be watched…wth is that btw?) but the main one I’m asking about here is the battery. I hardwired it in from day 1, and for the most part it was fine. I wondered why it would show the battery wasn’t fully charged (was at approximately 75% give or take), but it would at least stay there so I wasn’t too worried about it. But, about 1-1.5 weeks ago, it started to drain. It seemed like it quite recording virtually ANY events, and it eventually notified me that the battery was critically low. I removed the camera, plugged it in via an outlet with the usb wondering if it was just a weird fluke, and once fully charged set it back up (again, hardwired). Now the battery is draining even faster than before! And no, I hadn’t changed any settings to make it drain faster or anything.

Now, in the above linked thread, an actual member of Ring stated that their products are basically just designed to run off the battery period and even if hardwired, they’re just not going to be able to keep up with the drain the camera’s have! Why the heck does that make sense!?!?? Why even bother to hardwire it then??? And you can’t be marketing the products giving customers the impression that hardwiring it will keep it going indefinitely!

Someone please at least attempt to make this make sense to me, because honestly, I’m about to just return the product and cancel my subscription if this is going to be one of those “that’s just the way it is” scenarios! I’m not going to hassle with removing the camera every week (or more) to charge up something that shouldn’t require that in the first place!!

Can someone explain this? Has anyone else had these issues? Does anyone know if there’s a fix for this? Any help/info would be appreciated!

You and I have the same variant of the doorbell. I toyed with hardwiring early on. Actually I just attached the two existing wires off my Panasonic intercom. I thought the ring indicator was lighted white at one point but the app always said the device was on battery. It has been on battery since.

If I were you (and you may not like this suggestion) I would disable ALL motion functionality and observe battery usage. As I write this that is how my doorbell is configured. It is now a very expensive wireless video doorbell. At one point about a week ago the motion was being kicked off like every minute (sometimes by butterflies !). The battery consumption was maybe 25% / day. BUT - in my new doorbell mode consumption is now about 1% / day. At that rate a charge should last between 2-3 months (which I thought was to be expected).

Give it a try and if battery usage is better, maybe inch back into motion functionality. Set motion sensitivity to minimum. Set video length to something real short. Cut the zones down to feet in front of the doorbell. Then check battery usage…

One thing for certain - this device is not a viable security solution. Not for everyman anyway.