Hardwiring Battery Doorbell Plus for trickle charge

Why is it impossible to get a straight answer from RING? I have purchased a Ring Battery Doorbell Plus. Like a whole lot of other people, I am getting tired of removing the battery to charge it. Simple question: Can I hardwire a 24vac, 40va transformer to this doorbell to maintain a constant “trickle charge”? The reviews for the RING Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) are NOT favorable!

Hi @CRW-OldGuy. Yes, you can connect your Battery Doorbell Plus to an existing doorbell circuit with a transformer that provides 8 to 24 VAC, 50/60Hz, 5VA to 40VA. Hardwiring your battery powered Ring Doorbell to an existing doorbell circuit will provide it with a trickle charge that can help extend the amount of time between having to manually charge the battery. You can view the installation steps for the Battery Doorbell Plus here. I hope this helps answer your questions.

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