Hardwiring a new Ring 2 Pro WITHOUT existing doorbell or chime

Greetings, I’m trying to install my new Ring Pro 2 hard-wired doorbell. My home didn’t have an existing hardwired doorbell or chime and I was previously using a wireless battery-operated doorbell and socket-based plug-in chime/ringer.

During recent renovations to our house, the builder’s electrician (who we no longer have access to) knew we were going to install a hard-wired Ring door bell and left two cables outside our front door to connect the new Ring doorbell too - one a live/brown and the other a neutral/blue.

These outside cables are connected to a low voltage 8-24V AC transformer which is then connected to the lighting circuit inside our porch.

Upon trying to fit and wire my new Ring doorbell, it appears the cables that he’s left me aren’t compatible and won’t connect to the two screwed connection points at the back of the Ring doorbell. Seemingly they require different types of cables, similar to what you would see connected to a traditional hardwired doorbell and chime.

I’ve also since found out that some people are recommending that a Wirewound Resistor should be fitted between the transformer and the doorbell.

Could anybody give me advice on how best to proceed?

Many thanks.

Hi @GeeTee266. A wire wound resistor is not required. If the wires that your electrician left and not compatible, then they’ll need to be replaced. If the electrician is no longer available, you can use the Ring Plug-In Adapter Gen 2 to power your Ring Pro 2.

Here is a video of the wires that I have.

Hi @GeeTee266. Thanks for sharing the video. It appears that these wires have been capped. What you need to do is first, turn off the power to that area from your circuit breaker. Then you can remove those plastic caps, exposing the bare wire. Once that is done, you can loosen the screws on the back of the Doorbell, attach the wires and then fasten the terminals. You can find an example of this here.

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