Hardwired Video Doorbell Pro 2 has no power

We purchased he Hardwired Video Doorbell Pro 2 on 5th January 2023 and discovered today that it does not work and upon further investigation discovered that there is no power at the unit. We don’t know when this happened as we haven’t had anyone come to our front door since Christmas. My question is that as the warranty has only just expired but we can’t be 100% sure of when the unit actually stopped working, would we still be able to get a replacement or repair under warranty? Bunnings (where we purchased the unit from) would be happy to replace but only if we are given the go ahead from Ring.

Hi @user74789. Before we jump ahead to trying to replace the device, we need to discover the root cause of why it isn’t working. If there is no power at the unit, you may need to replace your transformer or inspect the wiring. Replacing a doorbell to a location that is not getting power will put you in the same spot, just with a new doorbell. If you disconnect the doorbell and touch the wires together, does your internal chime kit ring?