Hardwired Stick-up Cam says battery is low and will not show Live View

I have a Ring Stick-Up Cam and it is just past the return date for Amazon. When I go to the cam in the app it tells me that the battery is low and that it needs to be charged. The problem is that the cam is hardwired and there is no battery in it. Worked fine for the first month or two but, now no Live View. I use it to monitor the chicken coop and if it doesnt do Live View it is pointless to have. Ring told me that it was an ongoing issue and that they would notify me when it was fixed. Its been a while now and nothing. Is there a fix or not and if there is when can we get it?

Had the same issue, possibly could be the plug going into the back of the camera. Took my off and clean off the corsion off the plug end and put on some dielectric grease on the plug end and plug it back into the camera and no more low battery issue so far…cross my fingers that was the issue and hopefully yours too.

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