Hardwired Ring Pro Buzzing

Hello everyone. Ready to give up on this trinket. I installed the hardwired ring pro doorbell. My mechanical chime started buzzing. Did some research on the issues and went to work trying to resolve:

  1. Removed the doorbell to make sure the contacts are solid and wires are not touching. Everything seems fine and I wrapped the wires in electric tape. Still buzzing.
  2. Spent hours trying to find the transformer. Finally found it and replaced with a 16v 30VA. Still buzzing.
  3. Bought and installed a 0.5ohm resistor across 1 and T terminals on the chime. Still buzzing.
    I am ready to throw it out and go back to my old push-button and just always worked. Any suggestions?

Hi @slicky. Do you have your Pro Power Kit installed? You should not need a resistor, only the Pro Power Kit. Also, in the Ring app, do you have the correct chime kit selected? This is under the Device Settings > General Settings Menu, when you have your Ring Pro selected in the Ring app. Let me know if this helps.

Tom, yes I have the pro kit installed. I also have a mechanical chime selected. The chime does work, but buzzes. Voltage to the ring shows as Good.

Hi @slicky. Thanks for checking on that for me. That’s about all the basic advice I can give you here in the Community. I would suggest reaching out to our support team to look into this further, or reach out to a qualified electrician to inspect your circuitry. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.