Hardwired Ring Doorbell (2020) Charge

Up until two days ago, I was mounting my Ring Doorbell (2020) on battery power. I have just hardwired the device, and I know its supposed to charge at a trickle of approx. 10% a day. However, when I initially wired the doorbell, it was at 67%…rising to 70% that evening. Then, the next morning the app was showing 100%.

I fine-tuned my wiring connections at the box yesterday (one day after the above) and it went back temporarily to battery power, showing 75% as soon as it went back to battery. However, upon reconnection to the doorbell wires, the app once again displayed 100%. Is this a normal thing to see with the app, or is something wrong here? I just want to make sure my wiring isn’t causing a surge of some sort.

Have there been temperature swings from cold temperatures to warm temperatures in your area recently? My doorbell does the same thing when the temperatures are near or below freezing during the night then jump to warm temperatures during the day.

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I suppose that situation fits…the ring was on battery in colder weather, it got warm, then i hardwired it while warm…its been fairly consistent temps since (50s and 60s). I had a little bit of trouble with the wiring, so I just wanted to make sure this wasnt sign of a surge or anything.