Hardwired ring 1 and resistor

I have an old ring 1 doorbell that I am currently using as just a security cam for my front driveway. Its mounted high, Nobody will ever push the button. In that case, is the resistor still needed for one of those little wall-wart transformers to power it. It was my understanding, from what I could find, that the resistor was needed so something would absorb the current of the completed circuit when the button was pushed. It was previously hooked up to a mechanical doorbell chime. (which is how my newer one is currently hooked up) So, do I need the resistor in my case, just to use it as a cam?

Hi @carbuff. If you are hardwiring a Ring Video Doorbell, it is required to use a resistor. This will ensure that your Doorbell is getting the proper amount of voltage. Without a resistor, your Doorbell could receive too much voltage and it can be dangerous. I hope this information helps!