Hardwired kit for Spotlight Cam Plus


I just bought the Spotlight Cam Plus plug in 2022 release (B09J1TB7TB) and would like to hardwire it to my electricity rather than plug it into the power outlet. I’m looking at the Hardwired Kit for Ring Spotlight Cam Wired (B088WH57YH) and it’s not clear from the manual if this kit is compatible with my camera model. Specifically, it’s not clear to me how the wires in the kit, or the pogo pin conversion collar, connect to the power inlet of the camera, and it’s also unclear from the hardwire kit if the wiring harness fits the camera. I’d appreciate your help.

Hi @user317944. The Hardwired Kit was designed to work with the original Spotlight Cam Wired. We do not have a Hardwired Kit for the Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In.

Thank you.
Is the R8SHP7-WEN0 model hardwired? Or compatible with the Hardwired Kit?

Hi @user317944. Yes, the Gen 1 Spotlight Cam Wired is compatible with the Hardwired Kit. This model uses a standard wall outlet for power.