Hardwired Doorbell 2 stopped charging battery

I had uninstalled and reinstalled the app as my ring doorbell 2 battery is not charging ( I have discouragingly read enough of the related complaints on your consumer support web page to assume the problem) and I halfheartedly performed troubleshooting my end to find no issues. I believe doorbell is either defective or the latest firmware update is the ( intentional ) culprit. If it’s not replaced I will remove the doorbell and cancel the ( ridiculous ) protect plan subscription fees and opt to purchase a different manufacturer brand camera doorbell, which also doesn’t require a subscription ever. Any resolution would be appreciated

I called support help and managed to reset doorbell 2 to factory status and then performed re-installation and it is now functioning as expected. New battery that was installed one day ago at full charge had 94% this morning and not charging up until a few minutes after this procedure was completed. Now battery is at 100%. Hooray! Thanks for your reply. Be safe.

I replied to quickly. The doorbell still isn’t charging!

Hi @Stymied1. This Help Center article here will provide information about the trickle charge that hardwiring a Doorbell provides. Factors like the RSSI, number of Live View activations and motion events and transformer voltage rating will contribute to how effective the trickle charge is. What is the voltage rating for your transformer? This is usually stamped on the transformer itself. Also, how many motion events/Doorbell button pushes do you typically experience in one day? Lastly, what is the RSSI for the device? The RSSI can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Let me know this information so we can determine what is happening here. Thanks, neighbor.