Hardwired battery not charging Gen 2

Having to remove battery from doorbell gen2 every three months or so, even though it’s hardwired.
And I’m guessing it’s wired properly since my physical doorbell rings when doorbell pressed.

Hi @Dbourd1040. There is a number of factors that can contribute to this behavior. First, how many motion events and Live View activations does your Doorbell get per day? Also, what is the RSSI for this device (found in the Device Health section of the Ring app).

With your Doorbell being hardwired, it is receiving a constant trickle charge. Depending on the number of events and RSSI, it could be more of a draw than the trickle charge can keep up with. Lastly, if the age and condition of the battery isn’t great, it’s possible that your battery is at the end of its life cycle and needs to be replaced.

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