Hardwired; battery not charged

My ring doorbell is hardwired but battery needs charging, and Ring says my door bell camera is offline. I thought hardwired meant no charging the battery?

I have a ring 2 and I have discovered during cold weather, even though I am hard wired and plenty of AC voltage, their system cannot keep the camera charged. Very annoying. Today, 2 degrees and my system says 100%. Cold weather and it just drops. Engineering fault they should 100% take care of but good luck with that. I have to keep taking the battery out in winter (Ontario Canada) and charging till warm weather comes. Hope that helps…

Hi neighbors! While your Ring Doorbell is hardwired into your existing doorbell system, your Doorbell is still powered by the battery in it and hardwiring it provides a trickle charge between full charges. Cold weather can impact your Ring Doorbell’s battery as well, which you can read more about in our Help Center Article here. As the temperature drops, these batteries begin to have trouble holding a charge and if it gets cold enough, they’ll stop working altogether. I hope this helps clear things up.