Hardwire spotlight cam to outlet

I have a few outlets under the soffit around my house. I’d like to avoid plugging the cams into the outlet for a couple reasons. First the outlets are switched so don’t want the possibility of someone turning these outlets off. Second I would rather not have the opportunity for someone to unplug the camera. My thoughts are that I could run the power wire from the camera and hardware it directly to the always hot wire in the outlet and the neutral and ground in the outlet.

is this a possible supports configuration? Can I some how run romex from the camera to the outlet?

Hi @Flgator, have you looked into our Spotlight Cam Mount? For our neighbors that are having the same concerns as yourself, we have this product that is designed to specifically be hardwired so that you do not have to worry about this. I recommend checking it out to see if it fits your needs, as it would be an easier solution to your concern. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat: