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Does anyone have any videos and a parts list to hardwire Ring (2nd gen 2020)? I only recently discovered that my existing doorbell wire was accidentally cut and removed thinking it was an old wire.

I know I need a transformer and a resistor but not sure which is recommended and either a video or some instructions on how to rewire would be great!

Thanks for your help

Sounds like you need to have the wire re-run for your Ring doorbell.
If that’s something you aren’t comfortable doing, you might hire it done and have them not only re-run the wire, but install the Ring doorbell for you. They could tell you what, if any, other pieces you may need.
When I installed mine, my doorbell already met the voltage requirements so it was a pretty simple swap. If it had been more complex I would have likely hired it to be done.

Yeah we need to rewire. As I checked further, the transformer I had on my old doorbell doesn’t meet the requirements.

I’m pretty handy and could handle this but I just want to make sure I get all the correct parts. I watched a few videos and aside from the transformer, I also need a resistor.

Don’t know if it’ll help but here’s a bunch of installation manuals that might get you the info you’re looking for:
Installation and Setup for all your Ring Video Doorbells – Ring Help

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