Hardwire Doorbell 4 in Ireland

Hi guys. I’m in Dublin Ireland and just bought the Doorbell 4 and I need some help to hardwire it. I already have a good working intercom with camera (check the photos) but I would like to connect the Ring Doorbell 4 also and have both working. The only problem is the intercom got to many wires and I don’t know where to connect the Doorbell ones. I’m pretty sure some of those wires are power but don’t know which ones. So check the photos and let me know. I did bought some extra wires to connect my Doorbell but don’t know where to connect them.

I will add more pictures here

And more pictures

And one more

Hi @SRG_Dublin. Your intercom is most likely incompatible, as most intercoms run on DC power. The Doorbell 4 cannot be hardwired to DC-powered chimes or intercoms. In order to hardwire this Doorbell, it requires a 8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz transformer or you can use a Plug-In Adapter 2nd Gen.

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