Hardwire Connection

I moved my ring doorbell from my old house (wireless connection) to my new house. My new house had a physical door bell so I replaced the physical button with the ring. The ring will ONLY work once. if I press the ring button, the inside chime sounds. If I press it again, it will not chime inside. If I disconnect the ring from the cable, then connect it, and press the ring button, the inside chime sounds but not if i press it again. Any ideas what this could be?

Hi there, @mannymendez25! Functionality of an existing wired chime kit will often depend on compatibility and wiring variables. The best first step will be to check our chime kit compatibility list to ensure it can work with your Video Doorbell.

Please keep in mind, when a ring event is initiated or in progress, it will take priority in notifying you and ensuring you can view the video, whether live or recorded. For this reason, if you are pressing the button to the ring the Doorbell too immediately after the initial event, the Video Doorbell will likely not notify or sound the chime kit again. Waiting as few moments and trying another event should work as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: