Hardwire connection problems

Just connected my bell to mains , but it doesn’t show that it is connected, and doesn’t charge

Hi @Pipgoat. I’m not sure which model of Doorbell you have, but you’ll want to make sure that the chime kit you have is compatible with your Doorbell to ensure that is not causing any concerns. You can find the chime kit compatibility lists we have for the various Doorbell models in our Help Center here. If you aren’t sure which model of Doorbell you have, you can find this in the Device Health page. Once you make sure the chime kit is compatible, you’ll also want to make sure the transformer is providing enough power to the Doorbell. You can find the specific power requirements for your Doorbell on the original packaging, or if you let me know which model you have, I can find it for you as well. :slight_smile: