Hardwire Alarm

I want to hardwire my ring alarm using an adapter purchased from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/HOMREE-Converter-Module-Output-Adapter/dp/B01MEESLZ6) which many others have used. The question is, the powerline power source says 120 vac / 9 VAC. Is this too much power? The alarm tends to make a odd sound during entry/exit delay when plugged in as compared to using Rings power adapter.

We are glad you asked @Jsd . We do not recommend using any other power supply for the Base Station, than the Ring Alarm branded one.

My question relates to the keypad not the base station. Many are using an adapter that takes their old alarm systems wires and converts then into a mini usb wire. This is because the ring keypad is missing a vital feature: screw terminals to except wires from previous alarm systems

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Thank you for clarifying that information. The keypad power adapter accepts input supply of 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A and outputs 5.0VDC, 1.0A. We recommend only using the Ring provided power supply. In the event that the Ring provided power supply is not available, a supply with the equivalent output is acceptable to use.

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Ok, what if we don’t want an eyesore of a random white cable hanging loosely down the wall?

What if I’m replacing a pre-existing alarm system, want to place the ring keypad in place of the old, and there is already a cavity in the wall with easily accessible low voltage and standard voltage sources?

What if we don’t want to worry about not misplacing the ‘ring branded’ power supply in the 6-12 months it will take the neyoad battery to need recharging?

What if we have the same concerns/desires/install ability with the base unit, that is not designed to be able to run on a battery until charging is needed?

Ring has no interest in allowing for a visually clean and seamless install?

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There really needs to be an alternative. My old alarm was adt and I had no wires hanging everywhere I just spent $1000 on my ring setup and it looks like trash.

I hard wired mine by cutting the ring power block in half, and using my existing wiring run that was to my ADT panel. Then I just spliced in both ends to the adt power block and keypad…. The install is clean. What pisses me off is the keypad doesnt have always on status leds when on DC power. I am missing my ADT panels.

Do better Ring.