Hard-wired Ring Doorbell now shows Battery as power source

I have one of the original Ring Doorbell cams. The battery got so bad it wouldn’t hold a charge even though it’s hardwired so I ordered a replacement battery and just replaced it a couple days ago. I reinstalled it after fully charging the battery.
Today I get an email saying it’s time to recharge the battery. I check, and not only is the new battery nearly dead but it now says the power source is Battery!!! BUT IT’S HARD WIRED!!!
I searched the forums an saw that several others have had this issue but I didn’t see any resolution.
Is there one?

For most Doorbells the “hard wire” only provides enough power to provide a trickle charge for your battery, not to fully power the Doorbell. So, yes, your battery is still the primary power source for your Doorbell.
Tweak your settings to be less than they are now. At some point you’ll find out the right combo of Motion and Frequency settings (if your device has them) and battery life.

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